Little Box Of Calm

Encouraging happiness, calm and positivity

What is it?

A personalised box delivered monthly and filled with eco-friendly treats, ideas and activities for children to enjoy. Aimed at 4-8 year olds, each box has a different mindful theme which encourages little ones to create, breathe, feel, learn and be inspired. Drawing on children’s natural curiosity and mindful nature, every element is specially curated by experienced teachers to bring a little happiness, calm and positivity to their day.

What you get

6 or 7 activities per box per month plus a few mini treats, access to a private online platform offering yoga, relaxation, stories and resources plus an ‘unboxing’ each month that goes through the month’s activities.

What does it cost?

Just £14.99 per month billed on the 2nd of each month. Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel or pause at any time. Your special little box will be shipped on the 6th of every month. If you need your box for a special occasion or birthday, please contact us directly and we can dispatch sooner.

Why Little Box Of Calm?

In our fast paced and often pressurised society, a little time for children to slow down, have fun and get to know themselves a bit better can have huge benefits ranging from improved sleep and focus to an increase in positive feelings.


The main aim of our boxes is to send a little happiness through your letterbox. Inspiration is taken from nature, yoga, mindfulness, crafts and good food to support children’s wellbeing.


From learning about gratitude and self-care to understanding more about the way our thoughts work, these boxes help increase positive feelings in our little ones.


Our boxes are filled with activities that bring a sense of calm to your child’s day and beyond; teaching fun ways to relax and calm our busy minds.

Inside our boxes


Different monthly themes


A yoga pose to learn and practice


Activities to grow self-confidence


Nature-based activities


Healthy recipes to follow and enjoy


Mindfulness ideas and tools


Access to our private online platform offering an unboxing each month, yoga adventures, relaxation, stories and a monthly theme of how to use our box once we have finished with it.


Access to our private online platform offering an unboxing each month, yoga adventures, relaxation, stories and a monthly theme of how to use our box once we have finished with it

One low monthly price of just £14.99 plus cancel or pause at anytime

Free Standard UK delivery

 6 Great Activities plus access to our bonus online material

Letterbox friendly

Easy automatic renewals

Free cancellation and no contract

The Little Box of Calm provides opportunities for a moment of calm where children can build on their naturally mindful tendencies, from cooking and eating a self-made recipe from our monthly Tasty Treats ideas to creating glitter jars to explain how our thoughts can work. Using the natural world to create nature mandalas, going on a spidey-senses walk, creating flower bracelets and breathing sticks, we want to create as many opportunities as possible to be out in nature as it is so good for the soul!
We have filled our boxes with elements that encourage curiosity, positivity and a mindful nature from pocketing a few calm-me tricks, to learning about gratitude and self-love through fun and creative ways to enjoying a story massage and practising a new yoga pose plus a host of other mini treats that remind little one’s just how great they are.

With our main aim to bring a sprinkle of happiness to your little one’s day and beyond, we hope our Little Box of Calm does exactly that.

Carly Sargent

You know best

I am really looking forward to our next box

“Teaching my children how to regulate their own emotions is something I find really challenging. The Little Box of Calm allowed me to sit with my son and talk with him about his feelings whilst doing various activities, in a nice relaxed way. I am really looking forward to our next box and being able

Mum to Hugo, 6 years old

The smile on his face was clear to see

“After weeks without a school routine and physical socialisation with friends, home school was starting to take its toll on my five year old son. The Little Box of Calm provided a welcome distraction. The smile on his face was clear to see as he became inquisitive about the activities within the box and what

Mum to William, 6 years old.


Our son has always been a little shy, nervous and at times lacking in confidence. He started Reception in September 2019 and took some time to settle in. Once Covid 19 and lockdown occurred we were aware that the consequences of this, if not addressed, could be negative for him. For us, our son’s mental

Mum to Freddie, 5 years old.


Be Social!

We would love for you to tell us what you enjoyed in your box this month by sending us a note, picture or photograph. Perhaps you enjoyed creating your Tasty Treat, practising your Pose of the Box, having fun with one of the activities or learning something about yourself, we would love to know all about it!

Free giveaway.

For every 10 boxes purchased, we will provide one box FREE to a disadvantaged family in the UK.

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