Our son has always been a little shy, nervous and at times lacking in confidence. He started Reception in September 2019 and took some time to settle in. Once Covid 19 and lockdown occurred we were aware that the consequences of this, if not addressed, could be negative for him. For us, our son’s mental well being is more of a priority than his academic progress. Finding ‘Calm Skies’ couldn’t have come at a better time.

The resources and ideas we have gained from the boxes and extra tips/activities accessed from Carly (who is so passionate and knowledgeable) have enabled us to ensure our son has the tools to be able to cope better with a variety of situations.

How he returned to school when he was allowed after lockdown sums up how well the boxes worked for us. We had been practicing ‘positive talk’ using the pieces of wood and card provided in the box for several weeks. My heart burst with pride when he arrived at the ‘new layout’ school and instead of clinging to my leg/having to be peeled off, he whispered…

“I am brave. I am strong Mummy.”

And walked in happily.